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Water treatment plant ecological, ecological emptying services, campus site organization, hostels, villas, holiday homes, emptying septic ecological, tanks, cesspool, cellars, manual and mechanized cleaning, environmental permits


AXE CONSTRUCT SRL - REGIONAl OPERATOR, propose solutions adapted for waste management to capitalize or eleminarii a full range of services in accordance with environmental regulations.

We provide services: collection and wastewater treatment, vacuum truck, sewer, emptying ecological sewer cleaning, sewer cleaning, manual and mechanized cleaning, waste disposal, garbage collection and nepericuloae, cleaning tanks, cesspool, septic tanks, cellars.

The company is equipped with an ecological wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 150mc and can process up to 60mc day of wastewater.

We have a multi campus,"CAMPUS MULTIFUNCTIONAL HUREZANI", which can be made available to you.
Activity Services

  • caravan, camping and camp
  • collection and wastewater treatment
  • emptying services, sewer cleaning
  • hazardous waste collection
  • manual and mechanized cleaning services
Our company has all necessary permits required by law for carrying out vidajare, cleaning drains, manual and mechanized cleaning of sewers, sewage collection and treatment, and hazardous waste collection desurilor, caravan, camping and camps.

Our objective in collaboration is to provide customers with solutions for recycling as much waste generated.

The prices are market prices and practicing them are negotiable.